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A Procreate Pocket Drawing App Review

Developed by Savage Interactive within the wilds of Tasmania, Procreate Pocket is a fast-paced, action-packed, ‘just one button’ game for two players. This cool little creation from Australia-based Savage Interactive uses the dual-action buttons on your keyboard to zooming, moving, and creating art using brushes and paint. It offers over 135 pre-made,’safe’ painting styles, including watercolors and acrylic, and a number of brushes, including brush-shaped calligraphy pencils and brushes. Plus, it includes a few neat features – an easter egg, score, pop-ups, and a score display. The pop-up score counter displays the point you’ve reached, and how many levels you’ve completed. The easter egg highlights the number of mistakes you’ve made, and helps you keep track of which levels you’re really proud of.

Drawing apps on the iPhone are not really designed for realism, but Procreate Pocket takes it to a new level. The smooth interface, high-quality brushes and other features combine to create a very accurate and realistic drawing experience. Even the most basic strokes and angles are captured quite well, especially for a simple drawing program like procreate pocket. And the interface, while not fancy, is clear and easy to learn.

A unique aspect of Procreate’s procreate pocket application is the time-lapse recording system. Each drawing session is labelled with a date, allowing you to mark progress, or just save the time for a particular project. You can also record entire sketches in one fell swoop, saving you both time and frustration when working on multiple sketches at once. You can even set a start and end time for each session, and slow down the timeline accordingly.

Another handy feature of procreate pocket is the built-in colordrop tool, which lets you draw on your canvas in much the same way as you’d draw in Paint. The built-in colordrop function also lets you adjust the size of your original canvas, so that you can have the latest professional look on the go. It also has a built-in guide that helps you figure out how to use the tools on the toolbar, and gives you hints and tips whenever you get stuck.

In addition to a large canvas to use as your canvas (which can be changed in case you’d like to switch back to the pencil style), Procreate’s pocket software also includes a tool for retouching. You can easily apply strokes, wrinkles, and other decorative touches to your artwork, using the special tool available with every Procreate sketch package. You can make a selection of highlights and areas, and choose from a range of colours. Once you’ve done this, simply take your favourite photo, draw on the canvas, and save your artwork as a copy for your iPhone! That’s it – a perfect example of professional, high-quality art applied in real time. As with all of the iPhone apps, this process is completely free, and takes just seconds.

The Procreate application is a wonderful tool for all sorts of creative art projects, whether you’re making an original sketch or drawing a new image from your own imagination, and it’s available for free on the Apple ios marketplace. If you like what you see, check out the rest of the Procreate apps on the Apple ios store, and if you need any further assistance or tips, don’t be afraid to ask for help online. Happy painting!


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