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A New and Powerful App for the Apple phones

procreate pocket

A New and Powerful App for the Apple phones

Procreate Pocket is a new creation from Savage Interactive. Developed in the wilderness of Tasmania, it enables you to zoom into high-definition, fully-detailed, pixel-perfect scenes and create even the most exquisite details. The innovative interface allows you to play with the scene as if it were a game. There is also Gaussian Blur, which is a favourite among graphic designers for smoothing out horizontal lines.

This is not the first iPhone application to allow painting in 3D, but it is the only one that integrate the software with the hardware. When you use the procreate vs procreate pocket device, your images are rendered as if they were taken right from your own camera. This is done by integrating the phone’s camera sensor, an image-processing processor and an accurate color-calculating program into one tiny, screen-sized package.

Unlike other similar apps, this one does not need to be downloaded onto the phone. You can simply take it out of your pocket, insert it into the device and start painting! It works just like a regular, hand held paintbrush, with the exception that you use the apple pencil feature instead of a mouse or keyboard. What makes it all the more attractive is that it comes bundled with an additional stylus. That means you no longer need to bring any tools with you when you go out, and your sketches and paintings will look even better on the screen!

The big feature that sets it apart from other pocket sized applications is its integration with the iPhone’s screen, which allows it to use the multi-touch functions that are available on the device. So now not only can you draw new art, but you can also edit, resize and add text to it. This makes it very easy to edit your work, as it appears exactly as it does on the ipad. When you’re done with it, all you need to do is press the bottom of the iPad’s multi touch screen to save your artwork as a wallpaper. There’s also a “pinned” version of the application for those who don’t want to download the app, but still want to see how it looks on the iPad. That version is also “pinned”, so you can look at it right away without having to wait for it to download.

All of this functionality is wrapped up in a very simple, yet powerful design. I’ve always liked professional products that were made in a simplistic manner, so it was exciting to see Procreate take it to a whole new level. For example, when you draw with the pen tool, you’ll notice that the Procreate interface allows you to select various effects, such as “auto-asia”, which means that your artwork will automatically get placed on the currently selected screen. It’s a truly great feature that really makes professional artists’ lives easier.

If you’re looking for a unique and innovative way to keep your work on display, you’ll definitely want to check out Procreate, the new and improved version of the old-fashioned pocket-friendly, 2.5D drawing software that came with your iPhone. As you may have guessed from the name, the Procreate pocket organizer will not only fit perfectly inside your pocket, but will also look great on your smart phone or tablet. It’s perfect for use while you are traveling or away from home. The possibilities are endless. All you have to do is download your free copy, set up your account and start creating.


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