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A Great Way to Add Personalized Text to Your iPad

fonts for procreate

A Great Way to Add Personalized Text to Your iPad

Never worked with fonts on Procreate before? If so, you can learn how to import fonts to Procreate, right here in this free video walkthrough. Watch as veteran designer David Ritz demonstrates the correct way to select, download and install fonts to your computer. Even if you’re a beginner, it’s easy to grasp the technique.

To import fonts to Procreate…well that’s just a simple step-by-step tutorial. As the name suggests, the process of importing an existing font is broken down into separate steps. The first thing we do is select the desired font from our fonts palette. The next step is to select a hand-drawn aesthetic. After the aesthetic is selected, we choose a layout file and finally, we get to the actual importing process. That’s it – the easy part.

After the text has been chosen and saved, we move on to the actual importing process. This is where we select the desired fonts from the fonts palette. Then we click ” imported fonts” and a window will appear where we can select which fonts to use in the layout. Finally, we save the font and move on to the screen display of our iPad.

How about a little demonstration of what we just did? Open your iBooks i.e. your favorite e-book in your iPad and tap the “apters” icon in the left corner. You will then see a row of book covers along with a list of the individual chapters. Select ” fonts for iBooks” from the list of choices and we have our font of choice for displaying our book cover.

You can also import fonts directly into iBooks. Simply tap ” Fonts” and a selection of available fonts will appear. Choose the ones you want to use for the book cover and tap on “import.” Again, you’ll see a window with a list of the fonts we’ve selected for the cover of your book.

You might notice that some of the fonts here don’t look anything like real letters. That’s ok, because these “glyphs” or scripts are simply there to give the reader an idea of the words being used in the story. The good thing is that most of the fonts included in iBooks include both portrait and landscape views of the letters, so you can easily switch between portrait and landscape view letters depending on what you need.


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