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5 Easy Ways to Blend In on Photoshop

If you are looking for some information on how to blend in with Procreate, then this article is for you. In this article we are going to cover some of the more popular ways to perform the blending actions. Some of these most used blending with Procreate mode options in the Procreate application are outlined here.

how to blend on procreate

The first way to blend in is by using the built in smudge tool. This smudge tool lets you select a point in the document where you want to start drawing. Then with the pencil tool click and drag out the point you have chosen. When you are dragging in the points do not go too deep into the strokes, just make sure that the color that you are drawing will show through the lines. The basic rule of thumb when it comes to blending is to have darker strokes that come in lighter colors.

The second way to blend in is to make two identical images from the selection you made in the previous step. Then with the pencil tool, click and drag the images together to form the image of your choice. To complete the selection of an image just give it a nice round fill. Once you have completed the selection use the gradient tool to apply the blend mode to it. Some of the commonly used blend modes in procreate are: Single Pass Blends, Continuous Blend, Radial Blends and Screen Blends.

The third way to blend in is to perform a simple operation of resizing the graphics brush. This allows you to create a selection using the x-ray tool and then define the size of the selection by choosing the positive and negative of the size of your brush. Using the resizing brush you can create selections within your document by choosing your preferred stroke color, width and line thickness. To complete the selection of your chosen graphics brush just give it a nice round fill.

The fourth way to blend in is to use the Clipping Mask Tool. This is a useful feature within Photoshop where you can create outlines, shade and fill patterns with your mouse. To create a clipping mask just click on your chosen image and then go to the clipping mask tab. From there you will be able to select the alpha option which will define the strength of the outline.

The fifth way to blend in is to use the Alpha Blending Brush. To use the Alpha Blending Brush just double click on one of your layers and choose the alpha option from the brushes palette. This will define the thickness of your brush and the colors of your selected blends. Some of the available blending brush colors are: white, gray, black, red, cyan, magenta, orange and yellow.


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