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Procreate Is The Best iPad Art Drawing App

Procreate Is The Best iPad Art Drawing App If you’re new to painting or just want to try your hand at it, you might want to purchase a procreate set. These sets of brushes include a variety of options. You can choose from a traditional set that includes traditional round, oval, square and/or rectangular bristles. […]

What Is Digital Art?

The Digital Art and Design (DAAD) program prepares students for an exciting, challenging, yet satisfying career in the digital art and design industry. Students will develop technical and creative skills, including drawing, art production, graphic design, computer animation, and website creation, to create distinctive and engaging projects in the digital realm. DAAD also teaches the […]

How to Create a Cool and Unique Slice of Life With Procreate

How to Create a Cool and Unique Slice of Life With Procreate Quickly produce fantastic sketches with Procreate. Even though there are numerous other drawing programs available, Procreate quickly became the go-to choice for artists everywhere. In fact, it is so popular that Apple has bundled Procreate in all of their new computers. As well […]

What Is Digital Art?

What Is Digital Art? There is a wide range of career opportunities available in the field of digital art. Students will learn technical and artistic skills, including creative visualization, color theory, web design, animation, and digital art production, to develop original digital art creations in the digital medium. There are also colleges and universities that […]

Apple Pencil – Procreate’s Greatest Value

If you’re a newbie at the world of art, it’s a good bet you’ve heard of the name of Procreate. But you may not know much about it. If you like to paint portraits, or you’re an artist who wants to create paintings on canvas, or do both, the name Procreate may ring a bell. […]

Choose From JoJo’s Best Procreate Brushes For a Better Choice

Choose From JoJo’s Best Procreate Brushes For a Better Choice It’s time to upgrade your brushes from basic acrylic paints or oil paints to a medium with higher quality. If you’ve been doing art with charcoal, crayon, or pastel paints, it’s high time you switched to something a little more professional-looking and with better properties. […]

Master of Art in Audio and Visual Arts

The College of Visual and Performing Arts offers one of the nation’s largest concentrations of visual and performing arts courses. Established in 1965, the college has campuses in Ann Arbor, Michigan; Washington D. C., and Los Angeles, California. Offering a solid foundation for a wide ranging understanding of visual arts, this academic major emphasizes the […]

The Rise of the Creative Artist in Today’s World

The Digital Art and Design (DAAD) program helps students develop both visual and technical skills, including technical concepts, computer graphics, graphic design, and animation, to develop dynamic and creative projects in the digital environment. DAAD students are given a thorough grounding in all the necessary equipment and resources to be successful in a 21st century […]

The Best In Drawing And Inking Brushes

Procreate has become the best way to create a baby scrapbook with a beautiful and unique design. New content is added almost weekly, usually 55 new Procreate patterns and brushes each month! And constant updates of free layouts, textures, clipart, images, icons, calendars and clipart sets. What could be easier than that? It’s really simple. […]

Procreate – Art Brains

Procreate is undoubtedly the most innovative and powerful digital drawing app for iPad. Owing to its amazing features, it remains to be the top choice and preference of the all the budding artists to make their remarkable drawings. This amazing app has a fantastic game-changing double-textured brushes system which produces all the desired shapes effortlessly […]


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