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New Media Art For Schools

New Media Art For Schools The Digital Art and Design degree program to prepare students for an exciting, interdisciplinary approach to digital art and design. Offering a strong foundation for a wide perspective of digital media, this academic program emphasizes the aesthetics of visual design and innovative technology for a highly interactive, dynamic experience. Students […]

5 Best Procreate brushes for stunning results, this is what we use!

Hello guys! we’re very happy to share this special post with you where we will show you what we use to create beautiful and eye catching digital art using Undergloves Procreate brushes, we hope that you will love them. 1. Lettering Guides  With 40 guides for Procreate drawing, this lettering guides are ideal to make […]

Creative Career Options With Digital Art And Design

The College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Maryland offers over 45 majors and minors to their students. The College of Arts and Sciences is located in College Park, Maryland. DART’s mission is “to cultivate extraordinary academic and professional potential and to enhance the fabric of society through discovery and creation.” The College […]

Drawing Tools – Procreate

Drawing Tools – Procreate Have you ever wanted to try your hand at drawing pictures? Have you ever wanted to take your artistic abilities to the next level? Do you want to know more about the brushes you should use and how to make the best out of your art supplies? Have you ever wanted […]

How To Create The Perfect Brush Set For Your Needs

Procreate brushes for digital painting. Free Procreate Brushes For download. Procreate is probably the most intuitive and powerful digital painting application available for the iPad. Due to its great features, it remains to be the first and foremost choice for the new artists to produce their amazing paintings. With its user-friendly interface, even a child […]


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